Da’Norris Searcy’s Family Bonds

There’s nothing more important than family, and that’s evident in the strength of Da’Norris Searcy’s family bonds in Atlanta, GA. He works to impress that on the kids who come to Da’Norris Searcy’s Youth Football Camp. He offers more than just football coaching; he provides coaching on hard work, discipline, and teamwork.


Our Story

Our Story began August 2010 at UNC- Chapel Hill, NC on the wall at Fall Fest. We were both athletes, I played football and Kennetra ran track for the university, getting full ride scholarships. After a mutual friend of ours slightly introduced us, I took it from there and realized we had just about our entire life in common. From where we grew up, being the oldest siblings and ambition for ourselves and more. I could tell that Kennetra (aka Kiki) was “the one “ and within 6 months of dating I didn’t shy away from the feeling of wanting more with her.

Throughout the 6 months of dating Kiki we grew much closer, walking each other to and from classes, and going on dates. Knowing that Kiki is from Texas and would be graduating soon I jumped on her making plans on doing anything after her final year(s) at Carolina without me. When I left early for the 2011 NFL combine to train in Florida the rest became history!

On Feb. 14, 2011 in front of the castle at Disney World is where I had proposed to that beautiful woman. Happily she said YES and well… we have a daughter Miss Kenna who is 4 and a marriage that truly is “relationship goals”!!

We want you to join us and be a part of our family too. Contact us to make it happen.